What Should You Do If Your Child Has Been Arrested For DUI

Mesa AZ DUI Arrest

Waking up to a phone call from law enforcement telling you that your kid has been arrested because he or she was driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is every parent’s worst nightmare. Even though there is no purpose for anger, emotions like frustration and bewilderment frequently take over, causing most parents to become extremely enraged with their children. While we don’t believe it’s unjustified, it’s vital to remember that as a parent, you have an important responsibility to assist your kid through this time. While your child may not be able to handle the harshness of the criminal justice system on their own, there are a few things you can do to assist them to get through this situation while also teaching them an important lesson.

Don’t Let Your Child Go Through With It By Themselves

When you get that phone call, it’s natural to think things like, “I’m not going to assist them if they’re going to do something stupid.” This isn’t the greatest method. You have a duty to help your kid through the difficulties they’re presently facing. The worst thing you can do is jeopardize their faith in you by betraying that trust. It’s natural to want your child to learn from this mistake, but don’t be afraid to come to their rescue, no matter how frustrated or angry you are with them.

Keep Them On Top of Their Duties

Having someone who has been convicted of a DUI complete the DUI prosecution process on their own is one of the most effective methods to ensure that they don’t make the same mistake again. It is critical for parents to recognize that bad behavior or the failure to follow through on obligations might have long-term consequences. It’s also essential for kids to take responsibility for their actions and complete the necessary steps with their own efforts, but as a parent, it’s vital to understand that missing a deadline or making a mistake may have significant ramifications in the future. If you see that they’re straying from their tasks, don’t hesitate to step in and keep them on track with their responsibilities as part of their arrest, while also ensuring they do these things on their own.

Seek Legal Assistance on Their Behalf

A DUI charge for someone under the age of 18 may be tried in Juvenile Court, but the consequences may run into their adult criminal record, especially if they don’t have a Noblesville DUI attorney on their side. When it comes to defending your rights and preventing negative outcomes, having a skilled legal representative on your side can significantly help them preserve their future and rights, including fighting back against any potential penalties the prosecution may try to impose for a straightforward mistake.

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