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Traffic tickets. If you haven’t gotten one, you must not drive. Even the best drivers get pulled over for a broken tail light, or an infraction that the Police deem suspicious. You need to know that traffic tickets can be beaten. It doesn’t matter if it is a radar, laser, or speedometer, The Law Office of Robert P. Jarvis knows how to contest the precision and the accuracy of these devices. “The accuracy of these devices is based on the manufacturer’s tests. Of course, they will show high accuracy. That is their selling feature!” Mr. Jarvis explains.

Remember, traffic violations can be challenged. If you are facing license suspension, revocation, or commercial driving violations, We will help you find a workable outcome.

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Traffic violations are a concern for many reasons. No one wants the cost of their auto insurance to be increased. No one wants their license suspended or revoked. The consequences of such a court mandate could affect your job and your family's ability to carry out day-to-day responsibilities.
One of our skills is negotiation. We know how to intercede on your behalf and will work tirelessly to provide the best outcome for your legal case.

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We regularly represent non-commercial drivers with a variety of civil and criminal traffic violations. We understands traffic laws and penalties. We strives to prevent license suspension or revocation. Give us a call today. He will help you.

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