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Arizona Theft Crimes

Theft crimes in Arizona are taken seriously by law enforcement and the judicial system. If found guilty of theft, legal consequences could include both state and federal consequences. If charged with petty theft, grand theft, first or second-degree burglary or identity theft, Intellectual Property, a jail term or monetary fines might be imposed.

If charged with criminal theft, it is in your best interest to contact Attorney Robert P. Jarvis immediately. Mr. Jarvis knows criminal law and the defenses available to you. He understands that intent can play a deciding factor for the case to even be prosecuted. With his skilled and experienced background, it may be possible to avoid conviction or receive a reduced charge. Call Mr. Jarvis immediately to receive proper counsel for your particular criminal charge. (480) 632-1200. The monetary value of the stolen items is a determining factor in the charge and penalty for theft. The following outlines the distinction between crimes.

Theft, Classification; definitions 13-1802

Theft Offenses and Penalties

OFFENSE Minimal Definition
Petty Theft Items or cash below $1000.00


OFFENSE Minimal Definition
Grand Theft Exceeds $1000.00
Robbery Use of weapons or force
Burglary Unlawful entrance onto property
Embezzlement Access to property or monies without legal ownership for personal gain
Receipt of stolen Property Knowingly accepting property that was stolen
Identify Theft Theft of another person’s personal information
Theft of Intellectual Property Theft of patents, copyrights or trademarks

If charged with shoplifting, contact Attorney Robert P. Jarvis as soon as possible. He will review your charges and discuss possible defenses. There are many factors in determining the severity of a shoplifting offense.

  • First-time offense
  • Repetitive offender
  • Continuing criminal episode
  • Value of stolen property
  • Amount of items stolen
  • Shoplifting method
  • Age of shoplifter
  • Type of Items stolen

It is in your best interest to contact Mr. Jarvis today. Call (480) 632-1200 and let a criminal defense attorney help you.

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