The Legal Difference Between Homicide & Murder

The Legal Difference Between Homicide & Murder

Although they may seem synonymous, we hear “murder” and “homicide” frequently used together on television. As a result, most people are unaware of the distinction between the two, which could be critical if you end up being charged with one of these harsh offenses.


Taking the life of another person is the most basic possible definition for “homicide.” This can occur in any form, including pre-planned and violent killings, deaths caused by carelessness, or even self-defense killings. The latter of which demonstrates the key distinction between homicide and murder: homicides are sometimes justified.

If you use justifiable force to defend yourself, no crime has been committed. Because the act must be recorded, it will be recorded as a “justifiable homicide,” but you will face no criminal charges and have no records of it on your record. However, because self-defense actions must be demonstrated and are frequently complex, it is still advised that you obtain expert legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney before going to court.


To put it another way, “criminal homicide” is the term for murder. To use a more technical phrase, taking the life of someone else in a manner that cannot be defended as rational is considered murder and has severe penalties, including death.
Depending on your specific circumstances, your penalties and expenses might differ. A legal counsel from The Criminal Defense Team may be able to assist you. Our staff has helped numerous clients with serious criminal charges, including ten murder instances. Choose a Board Certified Criminal Law Expert as your attorney and get the best legal representation available.

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