5 Signs You’ve Found the Right DUI Attorney

Find the right DUI Attorney in Mesa AZ

The first thing you should do after being arrested for a DUI is to hire a DUI lawyer. This may be a difficult process if you don’t know what to look for. Our expert attorneys explain five key indicators that suggest you’ve made the appropriate decision in finding the right DUI attorney.

1. They Are Communicative

Communication is an important component of the lawyer-client connection. While attorneys are often busy, you should anticipate your calls and emails to be dealt with promptly. If you’re wondering whether or not your lawyer remembers you exist, it may be time to seek help elsewhere.

2. You’re on the Same Page

Even if it’s unusual, a client may pick a lawyer who appears to be competent, but they disagree with them on every point. Keep in mind that your attorney is your advocate and voice in court; make sure you agree with their courtroom strategy and that the lawyer pays attention to your wants and goals.

3. They Never Miss a Deadline

Everyone has a grade school teacher who wouldn’t accept late work in the legal world; all courts are “that teacher.” Filing everything correctly and on time, or investing time and money in developing a defense strategy, is critical. A skilled DUI lawyer should be well-informed regarding the deadlines involved in the legal procedure and will ensure that everything is completed on time.

4. They Can Explain Things Easily

Your lawyer is your advocate and spokesperson, so it’s critical that you can comprehend them! Many lawyers have an excellent understanding of the law, but struggle to convey circumstances in simple English to their clients. When your rights and freedom are at risk, you need a lawyer who will devote the time to ensure that you understand what you’re up against.

5. They Are a Certified Criminal Law Specialist

A Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist designation is a good indication that you’ve found an excellent attorney. This certification is only given to a small percentage of DUI attorneys in the state, implying that they are primarily concerned with criminal defense, are well-versed in the field, and maintain a high ethical standard.

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