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60 Years of Experience Combined Providing Criminal Defense & DUI Defense in Mesa Arizona

Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa Arizona

Trusted DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys in Mesa, Arizona

the Law Office of Robert P. Jarvis is an Arizona Law Firm established in 2000, which provides criminal defense legal services to clients who have been accused or charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in Arizona. At the Law Office of Robert P. Jarvis, we are devoted to provide high-quality criminal and DUI defense throughout the state of Arizona.

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Our Practice Areas

Competent Criminal Justice & DUI Attorneys In Mesa, Arizona

DUI Vehicular Defense

Arizona has zero tolerance for driving under the influence. We have over 20 years of experience fighting and protecting your rights.

Sex Crimes

If you are under investigation for any sex crime, you need an experienced lawyer to protect you and defend your rights.

Traffic Violations

If you are facing license suspension, revocation, or commercial driving violations our team will help you find a workable outcome.

Assault & Violent Crimes

If you are found guilty of committing a violent crime, you could face from 25 years to up to life in prison. Don't face this alone, we can help you.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence offenses have a lasting impact on any crime in Arizona. We've assisted countless people to obtain dismissals at trial.

Juvenile Cases

If arrested, a child will be subject to a different set of laws than an adult. We can help reduce charges through a solid defense.

Our Mesa, Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Ready To Fight For You

If you have been charged with a crime it is important to hire a skilled and experienced Mesa, Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney who has a record of success at trial.
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Why hire the Law Office of Robert P. Jarvis?

Aggressive & Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa, AZ

At the Law Office Of Robert P. Jarvis, we understand the law and the procedures. We are a skilled and aggressive Criminal Justice and DUI law firm committed to providing the best defense for your case. Our law firm understands the anxiety you and your family are experiencing and will help you through the process with information, options, and realistic expectations. Remember, we are here to help you!

Highly Rated Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa AZ
Highly Rated Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Attorney in Mesa AZ
Highly Rated Criminal Defense Law Firm in Mesa AZ

Affordable Legal Representation in Arizona

Trusted DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Experience, Knowledge & Advocacy Is Your Best Defense

Law enforcement throughout Arizona has been trained to apprehend suspected criminals and DUI offenders. They are committed to seeking the maximum punishment allowed by Arizona Law. That is why it is in your best interest to locate a defense attorney who is equally successful in representing the accused. 

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